Oral Appliance Therapy for Teeth Grinding

One of the major causes for TMJ disorder is teeth grinding and clenching, a.k.a. Bruxism.

(Nighttime Bruxism/Clenching Guard)

Stress produces excess energy, which needs an outlet. This excess energy usually is dissipated via grinding, at night, or clenching during the day. Each produces extreme pressure on the muscles and the temporomandibular joint, ultimately resulting in the damage of the joint. Besides this wear facets, or worn areas on teeth caused by tooth on tooth contact, may start to appear, causing sensitivity in those teeth, especially during chewing. Tooth or filling breakage is common.

The key is palliative treatment. Stress reduction is important, jaw exercises and biofeedback programs can be very effective. To protect the teeth a bruxism appliance may be recommended. This appliance can be worn at night or during the day when clenching occurs. It prevents tooth on tooth contact and prevents the force of the muscles to perform its isometric exercise during this time.

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About Dr. Gloria Maczuga-Stern

Dr. Gloria Maczuga-Stern has practiced general dentistry in New York and Connecticut for 19 years. Her own personal experience with TMD led her to pursue further training for her pediatric, adult, and geriatric patients. At the Center for Sleep & TMJ Disorders she has been providing conservative, non-invasive treatment to patients with sleep breathing and temporomandibular joint disorders since 2008.

Dr. Stern strives to provide her patients with the highest level of care. Passionate about continuous education, she has over 2,500 hours of advanced education including orofacial pain, tmj disorders, and sleep disorder dentistry. As a result she is able to offer her patients the latest advancements in this field.

Dr. Stern received advanced training in temporomandibular disorders and sleep disorder dentistry from the Institute of TMD and Sleep Disorders and the Craniofacial Pain Center at Tufts University, and is a Diplomate of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine as well as a Certificate holder of the of American Academy of Integrative Pain Management.

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