Richard says:

For me, the experience has been a lifesaver. Going into this I was not sleeping much at all. Now I sleep through the night at least 4 of 7 nights. Dr. Stern very understanding about my situation and was patient about adjusting the appliance to work for me. My situation was especially stressful because I have a compromised airway. Dr. Stern's staff is very helpful; they all worked with me to improve my personal situation. This treatment worked!! Thanks!

William says:

I now sleep through the whole night like a baby, and I feel so absolutely wonderful during the day. My wife says I look 10 years younger.

Timothy says:

I found the C-Pap machine impossible to sleep with and struggled with it for months…I started using the oral appliance – I have enjoyed unabated sleep! Thank you for recommending this life changing product!

Pat says:

Just a little note to let you know how I am making out with my appliance. My girlfriend loves it… it really has stopped my snoring! The mouth guards (day and night) work great. The laser is also helping the tinnitus!

Marissa says:

My treatment at the center has been a god-sent. Several months prior to me seeing Dr. Stern I had had such debilitating head-aches that I had become bed-ridden.

Jim says:

I heard the ad on the radio by the Center for Sleep and TMJ Disorders of Fairfield… could this be possible? No C-Pap machine? No motor running? No respirator type appliance attached tightly to my face? No disconnecting everything when nature called during the night and maybe help my TMJ besides? That’s it. I made the call.

Agata says:

After suffering for 16 years with chronic jaw pain, back aches, neck pain, and headaches, I finally have relief. I have gone to numerous doctors who misdiagnosed and mistreated my symptoms. The orthotic therapy and laser light therapy significantly decreased and alleviated my pain. There are days where I am actually pain free!

Paul says:


  • Sensational - wish that I had found Gloria years ago - would have saved thousands of dollars and many unnecessary trips to NYC (oral appliance was covered 100% by insurance)
  • Compared to my expensive NYC Appliance - much better designed and with much better results
  • I could not tolerate the machine (C-Pap) - tried every one of the options, my NYC option worked most of the time, Gloria's Appliance works all of the time