Elizabeth says:

I want to thank you for every restful hour of sleep you have made possible for me! I have tried to find a solution for my sleep apnea and been frustrated by doctors who believe the CPAP is the only solution. It was definitely not the solution for me. Then I was fortunate when someone recommended you since your focus is on using a mouthpiece. I called your office immediately to see if this was the answer. I really needed help. I felt like I was living in a stupor from lack of sleep. I was always exhausted, my mind was not as sharp and I actually dosed off at a top light. That scared me!

Having been your patient for a number of months I am happy so say my world has turned around. I don't dread going to bed for fear of a wakeful night. I sleep, and I mean really sleep, every night and awake rested. I am happy, active and not constantly thinking about needing a nap. Additionally, I am once again a safe driver!!

I applaud you for your professionalism and dedication to your patients...and also for just being a nice person.

Linda says:

When I first came to Dr. Gloria Stern I was having severe headaches, jaw pain, ear pain and feeling miserable to say the least. Dr. Stern outlines a plan for me involving laser therapy and mouth guards. At each visit she assured me I would get better and to stick with her plan. Today, about 6 weeks later I am so glad I followed her advice and care. Dr. Stern, I feel, is one of the best physicians/dentists I have been to. Regarding the oral appliances, she makes them to fit your mouth perfectly. She takes accurate measurements. They have helped me 100%!! I feel so fortunate that Dr. Stern was the one who helped me get my life back and start living without pain again. She is tops in her field for sure!

Richard says:

For me, the experience has been a lifesaver. Going into this I was not sleeping much at all. Now I sleep through the night at least 4 of 7 nights. Dr. Stern very understanding about my situation and was patient about adjusting the appliance to work for me. My situation was especially stressful because I have a compromised airway. Dr. Stern's staff is very helpful; they all worked with me to improve my personal situation. This treatment worked!! Thanks!